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We treat your ACNE 100% ORGANICALLY!
We make each and every mixture for yor skin accomodating
your Skin's needs and Conditions.

We will make your home mixtures so you can complete your treatment and successfuly regain your beautiful skin.
ACNE- the most complicated Skin Condition

In most cases all Estheticians are treating Acne using harsh Skin Care products which contains ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, high concentrations of AHA such as Glycolic and Lactic Acid, etc.

In reality, treating Acne you must consider that Acne occurs on an Oily Skin so therefore if the Skin is Oily all you have to do is to add Fatty Acids (Oils extrated from Plants or animals) to your Skin Care Treatments. Fatty Acids are coating the Skin's Mantle, protect the skin against water evaporation and relax the Sebaceous Glands.

By doing so, the Oil Glands will reduce it's production of Sebum. Always remember that skin function in a Homeophatic waym so if an Oily Skin makes too much Oil then just add more oil ingredients to it and the reaction is simple - the glands will stopp making too much oil.

AHA or BHA  use in exces on Acne Skin it will only strip the natural Skin's protection, over exfoliate the Skin and furthermore harming rather than fixing the problem.