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Face & Body MedSpa Treatments * Hair Services * Nail artistry

Face & Body MedSpa Treatments * Hair Services * Nail artistry

An ORGANIC approach of Advanced Skin Care, Holistic Trteatments, Wet Room Body Treatments (Vichy Room), Cellulite Treatments,


An ORGANIC approach of Advanced Skin Care, Holistic Trteatments, Wet Room Body Treatments (Vichy Room), Cellulite Treatments,



Good care of our Skin starts with a very basic step - CLEANSING.

Beauty Departments, online stores, Spa and Salons, all offer a huge option when comes to Cleansers either they are named "Makeup Remover" or "Facial Cleanser".

Over the years all these Skin Care products became sophisticated, hard to understand the label of the product or just be able to read those ingredients that makes the Cleanser. 

All these facts makes me wonder..... what was Cleopatra using to cleanse her skin? Most definitely she did not have any of the modern products we enjoy these days. And if so, what did she do because historians tell us that she had the most beautiful skin anyone ever seen.

Well, historians also told us that Cleopatra used to bather in milk, wipe her skin daily with wine, rub Olive Oil on her skin and scrub the skin with Almonds and Honey.

Hmmmm..... this really made me wonder. Now I'm thinking... Milk, Wine, Honey, Oilive Oil, Almonds and so much more, what are all these? Can I pronounce those words? Of course I can. Do I understand what all those foods are? Absolutely.

Did Cleopatra have " the most beautiful Skin known in history? Yes, she did.

Now the biggest question is, WHY? Why were these ingredients worked so well on her skin? What do you think?

I think because they were 100% Organic, they were fresh and mostly all these are foods that we can safely eat and our body knows what to do with them because if they're safe inside our body then they are perfectly safe on our skin as well.

We constantly neglect that human Skin is the largest organ of our body second complex after the Brain. We tend to believe that we can apply "anything" we want on our Skin and that all this it will be fine. 

We are forgetting a very important aspect about our body: WE ARE AN ORGANIC MATTER! We are not made of Synthetic ingredients, therefore our Body function in a homeopathic way meaning "Likes attracts likes".

In simple English, when you're using Organic ingredients to care for your Skin, then the Skin will accept all those ingredients (many of those ingredients makes our body) and will know what to do eith them and how to process them thereafter.


Well, the answer is very simple ans extremely inexpensive one and that is SOUR CREAM.

That's right, you have read correctly.

Let's see why sour cream is such a perfect Skin Cleanser. To start with is Organic, then is made of Milk and we know one of the foods that Cleopatra used daily on her Skin was Milk so if it worked on her Skin then, it will work on everyone Skin as well.

But these are just general information. Scientifically speaking Sour Cream used as a Skin Care Cleanser has the following benefits:

1) Milk where Sour Cream is extracted from contains ingredients such as: Caseine (a rich Milk Protein) and keep in mind our Skin is made of 70% protein therefore our skin will accept this ingredient rapidly;

2) Milk contains a very unique ingredient known as Lactic Acid widely used today and called "AHA" which is famous to produce an anti-ageing effect by turning the Skin's Cells over, eliminating those malfunction, dead or old cells and promote initiation of a set of new healthy Cells.

3) Milk contains good fats known as "Saturated Fats" and know that our Body contains Saturated Fats; about 30% of Fats. WE ARE NOT FAT FREE so stay away of such foods since the body is not recognize them and would not know what to do with those ingredients creating chaos withing our system.

I hope that all this scientific information will make you think before you decide to put on your Skin anything that you are not made of or worst anything that was sitting on a store shelf for years and still be "good to use".


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