Before & After Glycolic Peel and five treatments of Microcurrent Therapy
(See Glycolic Peel Class)
Microcurrent Lifting Facial
(see Electrotherapy Facial Class)
Slimming Microcurrent Therapy
(See Body Microcurrent Class)

Collagen Restoration Facial
(See Wave Therapy Facial (Ultrasonic Therapies Class)

(See Aromatherapy an Lymph Drainage Facial Class)

Seaweed Detox Body Wrap
(See Seaweed Body Wrap Class)

Lowlights & Highlights Extensions
(See Hair Extensions Class)

Aggravated Acne Vulgaris with Carbuncles

Acne Vulgaris or Simplex is not simple at all; it's actually the most serious type of Acne (Type IV).
This type of Acne never goes away, requires medical attention (Antibiotic) as any type of Acne since is highy contagious.
There are 2 bacteria (both airborne) that cause such Acne: Stappyloccocus Aureous and Propionium Bacterium.
The customer is referred to a phycian for antibiotic treatment immediatelly. The Esthetician starts the treatment 1 month after the client was under antibiotic care.

A CARBUNCLE is skin disease that is caused by an abcess larger than a boil, with more than just one opening (sometimes up to 5-6 opening in the same abcess). See the picture below which shows the opening of a large Carbuncle.

The pictures above shows a large Carbuncle as well as hundreds of Sebaceous Fillaments.

Sebaceous Fillaments are pockets of dry, old and not infected yet Sebum or oil released by the Sebaceous Glands.

Each and every Sebaceous Fillament blocks a Hair Canal and it does not allow Oxygen deep inside skin. Without Oxygen, the Sebaceous Gland release more and more oil.

It's just a matter of time until these Sebaceous Fillaments are becoming imflammed, but they always do. Ussually change of hormones (menstruation cycle) determine the inflammation of these Sebaceous Filaments.

Therefore, beside the large pimples and Carbuncles that must be cleaned out (through manual extraction), the Esthetician must extract each and every Sebaceous Fillament.

See the picture listed below which shows the amount of dry oil which was extracted from just one inflammed Sebaceous Fillament.
To learn how to treat Acne please sign up for Acne Therapy Class.
If you need help with your Acne treatment contact me: Adrianna Martinez

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To become successful requires dedication, hard work and lots of knowledge. Only those professionals that keep up with the industry's trends could make their everyday business a great success.

Beauty Schools train you by providing basic knowledge established by a standard Curriculum. More or less, the target of most Beauty Schools is to train the students to achieve basic skills and be able to pass the state licensure. There is nothing wrong with this, but then, what happens?

You will  get a job and soon thereafter, you will find out that unless you improvise and adapt yourself to the new situation as a (licensed Esthetician), you are alone without your every day Instructor. This new situation is making you feel uneven and only your ability is to learn fast, to adapt yourself to your new job description and demands that will determine whether you will keep the job or not.

I remember when I got my first job in a Spa after getting licensed; I felt disoriented, lonely and nobody wanted to guide me correctly; and this is a fact.

The "New Esthetician" becomes the other Estheticians competition. Why would they share their knowledge and customers with you? I guarantee you, they won't! They will act "friendly" but you'll be lucky if you really make a real friend among those Estheticians. Again, it's not personal, it's just Business; you are the "New Esthetician" and you are a threat to their daily income.

Intelligence, diligence to complete your daily's task, ability to mold yourself upon your new workplace rules, regulations, Spa customs, employees and clients will allow you to SURVIVE your first year working for the same Spa.

Building a clientele and performing high end beauty services requires more then just basic knowledge. Our Training Center offers a variety of workshops and classes which train professionals new trends and skills allowing them to know and practice procedures that will meet client's expectations.
Our clients are very knowledgable; sometimes they know more then us about different procedures from magazines, TV Shows or just scrolling the Internet for better, faster and newer techniques, equipment and products. A professional less knowledgable will have hard time to keep the clients, so therefore we highly advise you to know your business and the newest trends of the Beauty Business by learning new skills as attending workshops and classes post graduate, regularly.
Alexander Beauty Center is offering lots of classes and workshops designed to meet all new professional demands.
Check out all our workshops and classes:
* Practical and Written Preparation for Esthetics and Cosmetology Licensure (we train you to pass the written and the law exam; we prep you (kit included) to pass the practical exam);

* Customized Facial Treatments (Procedures, Equipment and ingredients for Oily and Dry Skin)

Learn about:
- Skin Type Description and comparison
- Skin Conditions (primary)
- Facial Protocol for:
    a) Dry Skin
    b) Oily Skin
    c) Dehydration
    d) Eczema
    e) Rosacea
- Ingredients and formulation (Customization)
- Currents (definition, comparison and recommendations)
- Exfoliation Techniques
- Extraction techniques
- Penetration and moisturization techniques
- Specialized Masks
- Sun Protection
- Client Chart
- Customization for Home care
- Rebooking Techniques

* Computerized Skin Analysis
Learn about:
- 3 methods of Skin Analysis (visual/comparison, imflared scanning, computerized scanning)
- Skin Conditions (anaylsis, description, treatment recommendatios, home skin care)
- Facial Protocol adjustment based on skin's conditions
- Customization or Oily and Dry Skin Type (ingredients, protocols and equipment)
- Product Knowledge
- Home Skin Care Regimen

* Superficial Chemical Peels 101

Learn about:
- Chemical Peel Analysis (superficial vs. medium or deep peels)
- AHA vs. BHA
- Dosage and usage of a peel
- pH and skin's response after a peel
- Candidates for a chemical peel
- Chemical Peel Facial Protocol (for Dry and Oily Skin)
- Mixtures and formulas of 2 basic AHA Peels
- Side effects after a peel
- How to calm down skin and reduce irritations after a peel
- Moisturization methods after a peel
- Designated mask recommended after a peel
- Treatment sequence
- Home Care

* GLycolic Peel

Learn about :
-101 about glycolic Peel
- Orgin
- pH
- Safe concentrations
- NV requirements while using AHAs-
- How to mix Glycolic Acid
- Ingredients AHA compatibil
- Time of application
-  Acid neutralization; procedure and ingredients
- Re-hydration of skin prior an AHAs
- Facial Masks recommended after a Glycolic Peel
- Home Regimen
- Side effects after an AHAs Peel
- Step by step Glycolic Peel Facial Procedur
- Marketing and Retail
- Rebooking Teachniques

* Lactic Acid Peel

Learn about:
- AHA (description, categorization, ph differences)
- Lactic Acid uses (skin conditions)
- Formulations
- AHA Peel Facial Protocol (Dry and Oily Skin)
- Safety and recommendations
- Canditates for a Lactic acid Peel
- Side effects
- Moisturization techniques after a Lactic Acid Peel
- Customization and ingredients used while performing a Lactic acid Peel
- NV Laws concerning AHAs
- Masks after a Lactic acid Peel
- Sun protection
- Home care
- Retailing and marketing
- Rebooking Techniques

* MICROBLADING COURSE (6 months of training)

* Citric Acid Peel

* Jessner Peel

* Acne therapy

* Vitamin C Therapy

* Amino Acids & Copper Peptide Therapy

* Anti-Pigmentation Therapy

* Ingredients & Product Knowledge

* Understanding Light - Photo Therapies

* Wave Therapy Facial ( Ultrasonic Therapies)

* HD Makeup Techniques

* Hair Removal - Speed Waxing and Brazilian Techniques

* Anti-Ageing Therapies

* Aromatherapy and Lymph Drainage Facial

* Faradic Lifting Therapy

* Electrotherapy Facial

* Body Electrotherapy

* Seaweed Body Wrap

* Herbal Body Wrap

* Compaction Body Wrap

* Cavitation Body Wrap

* Diamondbrasion

* Body Wraps and Slimming Technologies

* Skin Care Ingredients and Chemistry

* Galvanic Therapy (Iontophoresis and Microcurrent)

* Tesla High Frequency Therapies (Direct, Indirect Tesla)

* Lifting Anti-ageing Radio Therapy

* Hair Extensions Techniques

* Eyelash Extensions Technique

All classes will be scheduled upon rotation.
Registration for every class is MANDATORY.