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Microblading is a non invasive procedure but it does make some changes within the skin functions and the skin will react to this procedure recognize it as a temporary “injury” to the skin. Therefore the skin will start the healing process replacing the cells that were damaged while scratching the skin and release to the surface of the skin new cells

Please be advice of the following reactions:

  1. YOU WILL SCAB; it’s a normal reaction of the skin while healing, normal after ANY tattoo procedure;
  2. YOU WILL LOOSE (FADE OUT) some ink to some extend; normal again. Oily Skin absorbs more ink than Dry skin. Ink, shade, color; all will be adjusted during your 2nd session (Touch Up);
  3. TOU WILL FEEL TIGHT AND TNEDER for few days; keep applying the cream you have received from me upon completing your first session.