Third Treatment
Treatment performed by Ms. Natalie Prieto - Esthetician at Alexander's Salon. 
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Acne Vulgaris
Four months later
Ms. Prieto used 100% homemade organic mixtures based on herbs and oils.

The treatment included:

* Ultrasonic Exfoliation
* Ultrasonic Resurfacing
* Ultrasonic Collagen Multiplication
* Blue Light therapy
* Organic Masks based on Mud and Sulfur

Microcurrents Lifting
Anti-Ageing Therapy

Treatment performed by Melanie Layman - Esthetician at Alexander's Salon
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The treatment included:
* Microcurrent Stimulation
* Ultrasonic Collagen Multiplication
* Green Light therapy - Anti-pigmentation
* Red Light Therapy - Hydration

The "After" picture shows results after 6 treatments.
The lines diminished over 50%, skin regain its soft and even color.
The skin regains lots of Collagen, looking firmer and lifted.

First Treatment
Treatment performed by Ms. Natalie Prieto
Lifting and Wrinkle removal treatment performed by Esthetician Julie Cooney
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